As Chinese Medicine and Massage Therapy increase in popularity, clinics continue to open up at a rapid rate. It makes it difficult for patients to decide who to see. What makes one clinic better than another? Here are some things that separate Meridian Health Centre from other establishments:

A Full Spectrum Approach to Health

We offer more than just Acupuncture and Massage. With access to a wide array of supplements, and a Traditional Chinese herbal dispensary we create powerful synergistic combinations which can address a variety of specific ailments.

In addition we also offer comprehensive lab testing (through Rocky Mountain Analytical),  and even a hormone-safe skin care line (Eminence Organics) – to ensure your health from the inside out.

Inclusive Treatment Plans in a Safe Space

See the “Conditions We Treat” page for more in depth information on specific Andrological, Gynecological and LGBT health issues we can address.

We understand that our cisgender, transgender and nonbinary patients all have unique healthcare needs. We take each person’s individual health/identity  into account and tailor a treatment plan that is suited to them. Whether you’re choosing to use Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine or Massage – we can target a variety of ailments that affect patients all across their lifespan, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

A Focus on Fertility

Building a family is something that is important to many of our patients. We aim to make your fertility journey as smooth as possible. Our practitioners are here to assist you through it all – from the prenatal to the postpartum phase and everything in between.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine can be quite effective not only in natural conception, but also in assisting in IVF/IUI treatment plans.