Natural Solutions for Women’s Health

Starting early in a woman’s life with issues such as irregular cycles, painful periods, and PMS; all the way to a mature woman’s transition through menopause Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine  offer an alternative to pills, procedures, or just putting up with it.  It's natural medicine that effects a fundamental change in your being.

Hormone testing - get the full picture

Get a full spectrum analysis of your hormonal health through saliva testing.  Visit Rocky Mountain Analytics for more information about the tests we offer. 

What kind of hormones? Not just sex hormones

There is more to women's health than just reading the levels of estrogen and progesterone. There are 3 types of estrogen that need to be measured, as well as the hidden trouble maker… the stress hormone cortisol. See a sample report here

Are you preparing for pregnancy? 

If you are looking for support and information with respect to supplements to use while trying to conceive, visit Optimal Fertility to get started. 

We provide natural medicine solutions for a wide range of women's health needs, from conception to menopause, including pre and post natal massage services. 

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